These stories of his are not the only important moments in his life. They are not the only times he felt successful, accomplished, or proud. But whether it is the science of old age, or a conscious filtering—these few moments are the memories he chooses to share with us. They are from times and places that have changed him, and now his children and his grandchildren.

Art is in all of the things that you do
And being an artist is just knowing that’s true

Once any symbol enters a culture’s visual language, the physical object it was initially based upon is no longer really relevant.

While some have no doubt used either - or both - of these trends as a means for attention, I think it’s safe to assume just as many are using it as an introduction to something bigger.

The internet isn’t an individual pursuit, it’s something we do with each other. The internet is where people are.

I want to keep asking questions about how we can transcend memory, but hold the magnificence of imagination dear. So that we can enjoy the present, and dream about the future, while knowing our smiling remembrances of last night’s antics remain safe kept for revisiting. Our own personal movie.

Maybe a friend or brand isn’t that unique anymore; I’ve met some other people/brands who are even cooler (loss of difference). This friend/brand doesn’t understand me like he used to, we have less and less in common (loss of relevance). I’m not sure if I still respect or trust this friend/brand the way I used to (loss of esteem). To me this friend/brand is just a name now (loss of knowledge).

According to Instagram, none of my friends have to go to work, their relationships are perfect, their shoes are badass, and their children are angels.

You won’t arrive. It is an endless search.

The grayscale box-and-line nature of wireframes discourages emotive design, eschewing it for hierarchy, structure, and logic. That’s correct when your goal is deliver logical easy-to-follow experiences, but when you’re trying to make something fun, memorable, remarkable, or thoroughly engaging, it best to cast them aside.

There are so many things that we want to and can accomplish but a lot of us are sitting around waiting for permission. Permission that seems to never come. The kid in the ninth grade isn’t waiting for it. The acting student has already decided he’s an actor without anyone telling him he could be.

First, technology can be awkward to write about. Also, to read about. The jargon is clumsy: download, reboot, global positioning device. It’s embarrassing, really.

Throughout your life you will deal with a multitude of different people, and those people will be driven by different things. Some of them will be driven by a need to be liked. Some of them will be driven by a need to prove others wrong.

I don’t know if my youthful fear of math originated within me or was a response to external cues and gendered expectations. Likely, it was a combination of the two. But I do know that no one ever challenged that belief; until that moment in that classroom in the spring of my freshman year, no one ever said, “Hey, you’re good at this.”

Our now-instinctual response to the unrelenting stream of information we’re subjected to every waking hour: Share first, ask questions later. Better yet: Let someone else ask the questions. Better still: What was the question again?

A symbol for the fact that life can be a bit more fun. A bit more interesting. A bit more exciting. Because to be perfectly honest, life isn’t always that great. And that’s exactly why you need movies, literature and magazines that are just the way your life isn’t.

Being a professional has nothing to do with talent, knowledge, or experience. In my opinion, being a professional means you’re reliable.

Your mom has no idea who Milton Glaser is.

“I need some information please.”
“Here you go.”
“Thank you.”
Too many sites have forgotten that this is all we want from them.

Being criticized is never easy. Somehow everybody is somewhat right. Even the worst troll has to operate with a grain of truth.

Good design is one part technology to two parts psychology and a swig of art history. Stir just until the lumps disappear.

A classic does not necessarily teach us anything we did not know before. We sometimes discover something we have always known.

Data can tell us everything; except why we love, yearn, wonder, imagine, grow, need, live, and die.

The major problem with unsolicited redesigns is that they’re by nature uninformed. Without having access to the same user data as Facebook, how could you properly redesign Facebook? Without knowing Facebook’s goals and objectives, how can you design towards them?

Much like wood, I believe screens have grain: a certain way they’ve grown and matured that describes how they want to be treated. The grain is what gives the material its identity and tells you the best way to use it. Figure out the grain, and you know how to natively design for screens.