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Hello! 👋 I’m Conor, a designer and writer based in Brighton, England. I currently work as a product designer at Crunch.

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I am four years old. As our car snakes through Irish country bóithríns, my mother asks me what I want to be when I grow up. I state, with a clarity of purpose beyond my years — “I want to be a parrot.”

I am now twenty-six years old. I have yet to realise my true potential and become a parrot. Instead, I have become a designer. I get paid to make websites, books, posters, newspapers, and logos. I have had logos I’ve designed painted 8 feet high onto walls, and permanently inked 2 inches wide onto somebody’s skin. I have designed websites seen by hundreds of thousands of people, and created newspapers read by less than ten.

In many ways, it is better than being a parrot. In just as many other ways, however, it is most definitely not.

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