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There’s always a moment when I think a project is going to be really amazing—that’s the moment I love, and it’s what I live for. The best time is when you see what’s possible. When it’s over, it’s not possible, it just is. The future is always more interesting.

Ask TGD 001: Wrestling with Creative Satisfaction – Media Temple 8:49pm on August 21, 2014

How restful it is to be around someone who has all the time in the world. Someone who isn’t rushing this way and that, clamoring to get more done.

All the Time in the World – austingrigg.com 7:34pm on July 22, 2014

Impostor Syndrome is that voice inside you saying that not everything is as it seems, and it could all be lost in a moment. The people with the problem are the people who can’t hear that voice.

apenwarr 5:47pm on July 4, 2014

Most people find this out pretty early on in life, because their logic is imperfect and fails them often. But really, really smart computer geek types may not ever find it out. They start off living in a bubble, they isolate themselves because socializing is unpleasant, and, if they get a good job straight out of school, they may never need to leave that bubble. To such people, it may appear that logic actually works, and that they are themselves logical creatures.

apenwarr 5:46pm on July 4, 2014

Words are like currencies: it is not meaningful to talk about what the ‘real’ or ‘correct’ value of a dollar bill is or should be, separate from what kinds of things a dollar bill can buy you.

(1) Thomas Wier’s answer to What is the correct demonym of the inhabitants of the United States of America? – Quora 11:59am on June 17, 2014

Our stories have an ebb and flow, and design serves to support and enrich them.

Sunday, 15 June 2014 – The Pastry Box Project 10:14am on June 17, 2014

I think there’s a couple different kinds of knowledge. There’s knowledge of the mind (theory stuff you find in books), knowledge of the hand (which you can only get by DOING the work), and knowledge of others (which you only get through empathy and relationships).

AMA: I’m Frank Chimero—a designer, writer, speaker, and picturemaker person. I just started a design studio named Another. Etc etc etc. – Designer News 8:35pm on June 16, 2014

To admit that we’ve fallen behind, that we don’t know what anyone is talking about, that we have nothing to say about each passing blip on the screen, is to be dead.

Faking Cultural Literacy – NYTimes.com 8:40pm on May 29, 2014

You can read plenty of information on the internet now. Print, however, still looks like the truth.

The Truth — Daniel Benneworth-Gray 2:20pm on May 10, 2014

I’ve always felt that if a thing had been said in the best way, how can you say it better? If I wanted to say something and somebody had said it ideally, then I’d take it but give the person credit for it.

I seem almost a plagiarist. [I quote a lot because… – Austin Kleon 4:39pm on May 6, 2014

I don’t mind quoting a bad author if the line is good.

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