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According to Instagram, none of my friends have to go to work, their relationships are perfect, their shoes are badass, and their children are angels.

No One Knows | I am Tim Hoover 2:06pm on April 29, 2014

The major problem with unsolicited redesigns is that they’re by nature uninformed. Without having access to the same user data as Facebook, how could you properly redesign Facebook? Without knowing Facebook’s goals and objectives, how can you design towards them?

Unsolicited, Uninformed Redesigns – The Industry 2:04pm on April 29, 2014

The accuser is also failing to recognize that there is, in all likelihood, a finite number of ways to “solve” any given task. Is it so completely unbelievable to assume that another talented individual happened to arrive at a similar conclusion as themselves? It’s just as easy to give someone the benefit of the doubt as it is to assume the worst of them.

alexlikesdesign : Twitter has proven to be a great platform for… 1:43pm on April 29, 2014

But lately I’ve been spending a little bit of time with those random pieces of inspiration to see where they go. Usually they don’t go anywhere except for the outskirts of an artboard, lost forever amidst a sea of stray points and beziers.

Blog — Linda Eliasen 1:37pm on April 29, 2014

Why is timeless design always the goal? What’s wrong with making something look like it was made when it was made?

Frank Chimero – Let’s Talk About Timeless Design 1:28pm on April 29, 2014

Nobody wants to talk about shitty old stuff, but lots of people still talk about shitty new stuff, because they are still trying to figure out if it is shitty or not. The past wasn’t better, we just forgot about all the shitty shit.

Frank Chimero – Let’s Talk About Timeless Design 1:27pm on April 29, 2014

While some have no doubt used either – or both – of these trends as a means for attention, I think it’s safe to assume just as many are using it as an introduction to something bigger.

It’s all relative, isn’t it? — What I Learned Today — Medium 1:27pm on April 29, 2014

The internet isn’t an individual pursuit, it’s something we do with each other. The internet is where people are.

I’m still here: back online after a year without the internet | The Verge 1:26pm on April 29, 2014

First, technology can be awkward to write about. Also, to read about. The jargon is clumsy: download, reboot, global positioning device. It’s embarrassing, really.

The Millions : He Hit Send: On the Awkward but Necessary Role of Technology in Fiction 1:24pm on April 29, 2014

Once any symbol enters a culture’s visual language, the physical object it was initially based upon is no longer really relevant.

In Defence of the Floppy Disk Save Symbol – Connor Tomas O’Brien 1:22pm on April 29, 2014

There are so many things that we want to and can accomplish but a lot of us are sitting around waiting for permission. Permission that seems to never come. The kid in the ninth grade isn’t waiting for it. The acting student has already decided he’s an actor without anyone telling him he could be.

The Audacity of a Ninth Grader 1:22pm on April 29, 2014

A symbol for the fact that life can be a bit more fun. A bit more interesting. A bit more exciting. Because to be perfectly honest, life isn’t always that great. And that’s exactly why you need movies, literature and magazines that are just the way your life isn’t.

Twitter / Boultini: This. Is. Just. Beautiful. … 1:19pm on April 29, 2014

Being a professional has nothing to do with talent, knowledge, or experience. In my opinion, being a professional means you’re *reliable*.

Twitter / Yarcom: Being a professional has nothing … 1:02pm on April 29, 2014

Much like wood, I believe screens have grain: a certain way they’ve grown and matured that describes how they want to be treated. The grain is what gives the material its identity and tells you the best way to use it. Figure out the grain, and you know how to natively design for screens.

What Screens Want by Frank Chimero 12:53pm on April 29, 2014

It’s a software world. And because of software, it’s a soft world in a different sense, in the original sense of the word: it changes its shape easily.

What Screens Want by Frank Chimero 12:53pm on April 29, 2014

Our now-instinctual response to the unrelenting stream of information we’re subjected to every waking hour: Share first, ask questions later. Better yet: Let someone else ask the questions. Better still: What was the question again?

The Year We Broke the Internet – Esquire 12:48pm on April 29, 2014

Art is in all of the things that you do
And being an artist is just knowing that’s true

How I Overcame the Fear of Being an Artist | video of presentation by Tim Caynes 12:46pm on April 29, 2014

Really interesting use of looping scroll. So much potential here.

Sam Rosen 11:14am on April 29, 2014

I think there’s a pleasure to having everything under one roof. You feel together, all of you at once. In a way, building your own house is the ultimate project for a creative person: you’re making a home for what you think is important, done in the way you think is best.

Frank Chimero – Homesteading 2014 3:18am on April 29, 2014